"Co-ops 101" for Summer Interns

"Co-ops 101" for Summer Interns

As part of the Kansas Cooperative Council's internship program, we host a "Co-ops 101" seminar in Topeka for any interested KCC member cooperatives' interns.  The event will be a great Opportunity for students across the state to learn about the cooeprative business structure, network with each other and share their experiences.

Any KCC member cooperative intern may attend this event. To hold a spot for your intern(s) , contact the Kansas Cooperative Council at 785-233-4085 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The 2017 Co-op's 101 Class just completed.  Thank you to the 40 interns who attended and their sponsoring cooperatives.  

2018 Co-ops 101
Topeka, Kan.

What past attendees say about the Co-op 101 Program

"Co-ops 101 was an opportunity unique from others in my past.  I was able to meet other interns in similar positions to mine, while also sharing stories amongst each other; putting me in a position to grow from their experiences!" - Michael M.

"I gained a broader perspective of the cooperative business model and why they work as hard as they do for their customers." - Aaron B.

"The Co-ops 101 Program expanded my knowledge on the co-op system and how it impacts to many.  The information that stood out to me were the different opportunities co-ops can provide back to their members.  I felt this program allowed us to not only meet others in the industry, but to learn from several leaders in the industry." - Kandace G.

What Co-ops say about the Co-op 101 Program

"Co-ops 101 allows our local interns to gain some in depth knowledge about the cooperative system over two fun and interactive days.  These interns are able to see the big picture around how their local cooperative operates as a true business, while also learning about other cooperatives that they  may already be buying products from in their day-to day lives.  Interns also participate in an activity that breaks down the patronage side of the business which helps them understand how earnings can be returned to the cooperative's owners.  This program also gives them the chance to network with other interns around the state and build relationships that will hopefully follow them throughout their final years of college and into their professional careers."  - Skyland Co-op, Inc.

"Our summer intern commented that she got more out of the Co-op 101 Program than she would have received in a semester worth of college class."                 -Pride Ag Resources 

Cooperative Internships

With the following goals in mind, the Council began its Internship Program in 2012:

  • Introduce young adults to careers in co-ops
  • Cultivate new co-op leaders
  • Teach a "Co-ops 101" class for summer interns employed at cooperatives
  • Promote rural Kansas and the overall ag industry

The Council's role is to assist our members in creating meaningful internship programs. The Council will represent your cooperative by exhibiting during the Kansas State Agri-Industry Career Fair. At this event, we have the opportunity to engage the state's top student leaders.

Interested in providing an internship at your cooperative? Contact the Kansas Cooperative Council at 785-233-4085.