Director Development Program (DDP)

The 21st century is bringing new, challenging responsibilities to local cooperative directors. These continue to increase and become more complex as high-tech communication becomes a normal part of our day-to-day workplace.

Decisions that once took weeks or months now must be made in just days or hours. In order to survive in a growing competitive marketplace, co-op directors must base their decisions on sound cooperative principles and business techniques.

The Director Development Program (DDP) was established to help directors develop their knowledge and skills, enabling them to better serve their cooperative members, managers and fellow directors.

Sponsored by the Kansas Cooperative Council, DDP is specifically designed for directors of local farmers' cooperatives. Regardless of the type or size of your local cooperative, having a firm grasp on the basics palys a crucial role in directors beingn able to effectively exercise their responsibilities. The information provided/taught in DDP allows directors to serve effectively as leaders of a business enterprise. 

Course 1 
The Director's Role and Responsibilities in Today's Cooperatives

Course 2 
Cooperative Financing

Course 3 
The Director's Role in Planning and Control

Course 4 
The Director's Role in Management Development and Appraisal

Course 5 
Course topic TBA

2017 Director Development Program 
December 11 & 12
Wichita, KS