NCFC Testifies on Future of the Family Farm at Small Business Committee Hearing

NCFC President and CEO Chuck Conner testified at a House Small Business Subcommittee hearing focused on policies to ensure the continued viability of family farm operations across the country.

"The focus on the future of America's family farms is especially timely.  In today's ag economy, the difference between making small profits or big losses is controlling your costs down to the penny," Conner testified.  "Producers know that many of these costs are beyond their control.  Some are driven by the markets or by Mother Nature.  But some costs are also driven by public policy.  These policies can act either as investments that help lower costs or as regulatory hammers that raise them."

Conner focused on the impact on the family farm of three issues likely to come before Congress this year: tax reform, immigration and trade.  With each, he urged Congress to pay particular attention to how these issues with broad implications beyond agriculture will effect farms and co-ops.

Also testifying were: John Lawrence, Association Dean at the College of Agriculture at Iowa State University; Tim White, a producer from Lexington, Ky.; and Sarah Rickelman, manager of Degener-Juhl Farms in Hudson, Iowa.

(Release courtesy of NCFC)