Co-op Directors Conference

2018 Co-op Director Conference

February 13-14

Drury Plaza Hotel Broadview

Wichita, KS

Join us for our first ever Co-op Director Conference!  Dr. Boland will facilitate a roundtable discussion where participants will be split up in groups of 3 or 4 with different co-ops at each table. Each group will work on some short governance-focused case issues of activities of boards in other geographies have had to deal with. In addition, fundamentals of a board evaluation of entire board (not individuals) will be discussed and each table will work on an exercise in groups. Finally, some information on the current business environment will be discussed and how co-ops handled similar environments in the past. A quick overview of antitrust will conclude the program with what this means practically for local ag co-ops and why this issue has become more important recently.

In addition, Agfinity will talk about the culture building process after a merger for both the board and the organization. Agfinity’s CEO and board chair will also talk about their agronomy and energy businesses and having a large farmer on their board. They use a board app and the chair will talk about that and co-ops and farming in Colorado, in general. They have completely redone their board policy manual and bylaws and will bring a copy of the table of contents. 

Please plan to join us for this new event!  Click on the links below to view the 2018 CDC flyer, agenda and registration form.

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