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Become a Member

The Kansas Cooperative Council would like to thank you for interest in membership. Your participation supports promotion, educational program development and advocacy for the cooperative industry in the state of Kansas. The Council wants Kansas to be the best state to operate a cooperative in and thanks to our membership, we can continue to meet our mission.

Membership dues for local farm/ag supply co-ops are calculated through a formula using several components. There is a minimum/maximum level of dues, regardless of the calculated amount. Below is an explanation:

  • Net fixed assets represent the infrastructure of the cooperative. The KCC advocates to ensure cooperatives assets are protected from undue taxes and extra fees that are assessed on this infrastructure.
  • Total member equity represents the cooperative itself. Each and every cooperative is owned by its members. The KCC advocates to ensure the cooperative business model is protected from policies that could threaten the viability of the co-op model going forward. For example, advocacy to protect and maintain Section 199a helps cooperative viability.
  • The percentage amount is an equal adjustment factor applied to all KCC cooperative members.
  • Flat fee is to help support cooperative promotion across the state of Kansas.

Associate membership is a flat-rate fee that allows businesses the opportunity to engage with leadership, staff, and key stakeholders in the cooperative industry.

Regional membership is similar to Associate Membership, but is reserved for federated, regional or hybrid cooperatives and trade associations that support other cooperatives. The Council’s by-laws allow board seats to regional membership.