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Capper Project

Kansas Cooperative Council, Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation, and the Kansas State Fair Partner in Creating the Capper Project

In the fall of 2021, the KCC embarked on a partnership journey to renovate the iconic House of Capper on the Kansas State Fairgrounds.  Dating back to 1913, this was the second oldest structure on the grounds.  The goal is to preserve the historical significance and architectural integrity of this cherished landmark while updating functionality for future generations of fairgoers. 

During this process, the new Capper Cooperative Park was established and is a significant addition to educate fairgoers on the cooperative business model for years to come.  

Capper Project Partnerships
as of 6/7/2023

Garden City Co-op, Inc. Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc.
Kendall & Rhonda Poland Brandi & Chris Miller
Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation Midway Co-op, Inc.
Kansas Cooperative Council Jerald & Jacque Kemmerer
ProValue Insurance, LLC Pride Ag Resources
Skyland Grain Land O'Lakes
Sublette Co-op, Inc. Doug & Julie Biswell
Ryan & Jamie Boggs Eric & Kim Steinle & Family
Central Prairie Co-op Nex-Tech Wireless
Andy & Mary McCurry First National Bank
Kerry E. & Paula A. Smith Kathryn A Mollhagen
Alliance Ag & Grain, LLC The Farmers Cooperative Elevator Co. (Halstead)
Kansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. Ed & Carol Berger
Evans Family James Fisher
LeRoy Co-op CHS Foundation
MKC Kanza Cooperative Association
Shana Read Trinity Ag, LLC
Meade Cooperative Elevator & Supply Central Plains Co-op
Rangeland Cooperatives, Inc. Producers Agricultural Marketing Assn.
Sally Depenbusch Diesel Control Technicians
Barkley Plumbing Harmon & Diana Bliss
Tammy Dillon Ryan & Jamie Rutledge
CoBank Delphos Co-op
Hal & Ann Sankey Ric & Patty Snyder
Garden City Co-op, Inc. Chris & Sarah Green
Carol McDowell Abby & McKenna Miller
The Hi-Plains Cooperative Association Dawn Veh
Wray Roofing The Beach-Edwards Family Foundation
Wayne's Printing Wiens Construction
Gary & Joyce Nelson Norman & Barbara Roux
Triangle H Farms - In Loving Memory of Gregory J Hands, Board Chairman of Garden City Co-op, Inc. 1997-2001 Paul & Ruth Dillon
Central Valley Ag Midland Marketing Co-op
Power Solutions Randy & Mary Richardson
Central Welding Carol Duffy McDowell


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