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Capper Project

Capper Project

Kansas Cooperative Council, Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation, and the Kansas State Fair Partner in Creating the Capper Project

The Capper Project will rebuild the historic House of Capper to its original grandeur and create the Capper Cooperative Park to pay tribute to Arthur Capper and his work in establishing cooperatives in the United States.

Capper Project Video

For more information, please use the documents on the right side of the page under Project Information.  You can also read the full press release and view current pictures of the House of Capper.


Capper Project Partnerships
as of 12-27-21

Garden City Co-op, Inc. Ag Partners Cooperative, Inc.
Kendall & Rhonda Poland Brandi & Chris Miller
Kansas Fairgrounds Foundation Midway Co-op, Inc.
Kansas Cooperative Council Jerald & Jacque Kemmerer
ProValue Insurance, LLC Pride Ag Resources
Skyland Grain Land O'Lakes
Sublette Co-op, Inc. Doug & Julie Biswell
Ryan & Jamie Boggs Eric & Kim Steinle
Central Prairie Co-op Triangle H Farms - In Loving Memory of Gregory J Hands, Board Chairman of Garden City Co-op, Inc. 1997-2001


Project Information